Who we are

Enterprise Computing Research Group – EC Lab

The Enterprise Computing (EC) Research Group, part of the School of Architecture, Computing and Engineering at the University of East London, is a leading research group focusing on Scalability and Sustainability of Enterprise Systems. 
The team investigates challenges and opportunities in relation to the sustainability of today’s large-scale Cloud and data centre environments. With the proliferation of BigData, IoT, and social media, all of which reside in the Cloud, there is an ever-increasing demand for energy in data centres. Data centres in Europe are estimated to consume over 130TWh every year [EURECA, 2017], and this is continually increasing.

The EC Lab expertise covers a number of areas, including:

  • Best practices and technologies for power and energy efficiency in data centres
  • Digital transformation and environmental efficiency of public sector data centre facilities 
  • Capacity planning for power efficiency in software deployment
  • Energy-aware software engineering
  • Enterprise and Software Architecture

EC Lab members serve on various expert committees such as the ISO SC39 Committee (Sustainability for and by IT) and the EU Commission Expert Working Group for Best Environmental Practice in the telecommunication and ICT services sector. The group frequently hosts various expert meetings (e.g. CEN-CENELEC Coordination Group on Green Data Centres, April 2016; the UK Government Green ICT Delivery Unit, June 2015; etc.) and advises a number of European public sector authorities on data centre efficiency.

The EC Lab hosts the largest online data centre market directory, which was funded and established under the EU H2020 EURECA project (DCdirectory.eu).