The 3rd EURECA Workshop in Turin

28 December 2015

Innovation Procurement for Sustainable Data Centre Products and Services

On 29 of February 2016 there will be a new EURECA Workshop in Torino (Turin, italy).

Background and issues:

  • Data centres provide the core digital infrastructure and connectivity foundation for all Public Sector digital services;
  • Data centres are enablers of energy saving initiatives and e-services;
  • Datacenters are large energy consumers and can easily waste a great deal, if not constantly reviewed and carefully monitored;
  • EU2020 targets demand energy efficiency and increased share of “green” energy, and reduced greenhouse gas emissions;
  • There is a general lack of awareness of reliable metrics, key performance indicators (KPIs) and best practices.


  1. To demonstrate the value of energy saving and environmental data centre best practices & policies, triggering related procurement actions;
  2. Provide public Sector organisations with a tailored solution for ‘green’ data centre procurement:
    – Identifying where money and energy can be saved;
    – Assisting with the deployment of self-improvement strategies;
    – Assisting with the navigation of new technology markets with benchmarking tools & resources;
    – Facilitating awareness, learning and knowledge sharing activities.

This full day is suitable for:

  • C level IT executives,
  • ICT managers,
  • policy makers,
  • energy managers,
  • data centre managers,
  • procurement professionals.

The event will primarily be on energy efficiency. The focus will be on energy efficiency of software and energy efficiency of mobile apps. Presentations will be made by Politechnico of Torino, The EU-JRC, University of East London, Vrije Universiteit van Amsterdam (VU) and Certios BV. To register, and for more details, please visit the event website on .