The EC Lab Director was named on the UK Universities Best Breakthrough List

10 December 2018

The Enterprise Computing Research Lab, who played a key role in driving energy efficiency in the design and operation of data centres and computer servers, has been named on the UK Universities top 100 Best Breakthrough list. 

The research and advocacy of the team and Dr Rabih Bashroush, the director of the Enterprise Computing Research Lab at the University of East London, provided crucial evidence and support to the development of a new EU ecodesign directive to ensure that computer servers use less energy by reducing their idle state energy consumption. The research has impacted various other European policies such as the EU Environmental Management Audit Scheme (EMAS) for Telecommunications and ICT Services sector and the new EU GreenPublic Procurement (GPP) Criteria for Data Centres. Annual savings of over 27 thousand tons of CO2 eq emissions can be attributed to the EC Lab research and innovation projects.

The Breakthrough list demonstrates how UK universities are at the forefront of some of the world’s most important discoveries, innovations and social initiatives. It was compiled by Universities UK, the umbrella group for the country’s universities, as part of the MadeAtUni campaign to show how lives are transformed through research and practical applications of theory and knowledge.  

UEL’s vice-chancellor and president, Professor Amanda Broderick said,
 “The University of East London is pioneering discovery in the evolving world of the 4th Industrial Revolution. This is an acknowledgement of how the University’s research helps people and planet through the transformation of practice. Rabih’s work, and that of colleagues, demonstrates how our students benefit from cutting-edge, applied research with global reach and impact. This recognition of the University of East London is particularly timely in the context of the UN climate change summit taking place in Poland this week, where the message that we need to save energy to save our planet resounds so loudly.” 

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